A well-bred Cocker Spaniel is a joy to own. Gentle and loving, this beautiful creature wants nothing more than to please his master. Cockers are small dogs, fitting comfortably into a car, apartment, or a small home. They are, by nature, companion animals, but are frequently trained for the show ring, and for obedience, agility, and for field work. They make wonderful therapy dogs, too.

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About Cocker Pup Kennel

My Story

The American Cocker Spaniel is one of the most beautiful breed of dog. With their long coats they are just absolutely adorable. I have always said, all puppies are adorable and cute in every breed, but the American Cocker Spaniel remain beautiful all of their lives. An American Cocker Spaniel with a well groomed long coat, will turn heads at the park, or your local PetSmart store. Cockers love to be around people all the time, they are very people-oriented. Being a Sporting/Hunting breed they require daily execise, and attention. A Cocker Spaniel left alone for extended period of time will always be hyper. They are very dependent on the owner spending time with them.

I have been raising Cocker Spaniels for about 34 years. The American Cocker Spaniel is something that will be loved by me and my family forever. My wife, my son and I have been preparing newly born Cocker Spaniel puppies to find their way into your home, and hearts. We work hard for the 8 weeks that we have them. To ensure a great transition, to your home. So far, we have had great sucess finding great home's for our babies.

As for puppy registration, I only believe in AKC. I like the fact the breed is verified and kept true to its breed by this great organization. It may cost more than a registration that cuts corners that could compromise the breed. But it is worth it to me, to know that I have a purebred dog.

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Key to Successful Puppy Buying!

Choosing the Breed

When deciding the breed, things to consider... What do you want in a dog? Do you want a show, a companion, a family pet or all in one. Well, as for the American Cocker Spaniel's, I believe it is possible to have it all. It just depends on the selection and how much time you want to invest. Owning a Cocker Spaniel is like adding another family member, it takes a lot of dedication, patients, love, and attention. The American Cocker Spaniel are fun loving, always ready to play, cuddle, love, and please the people around them. Cocker Spaniels are inside/outside dogs. They enjoy being able to go outside to run around and play ball, swim in the pool, and chase birds, and squirrels (lol... they are hunting dogs). They also enjoy an occasional movie at my house, and when bedtime comes, its off to their beds in my room.

Choosing a Breeder

Finding a good breeder can be difficult. So the things to look for is,

  1. Does the breeder offer AKC registration? AKC registration is important to me because I want a dog that is truly purebred. Other registrations allow picture identity of the mother and father, and don't necessarily care if they are purebred. Many puppymills use CKC because the registration papers are so easy to get. Alway ask to see the AKC paperwork, it does not take long for the breeder to get this information.
  2. Next, thing I look for is how does the breeder care for the parents, their babies? Would you feel comfortable letting them puppy sit, for your new puppy? Is the puppy removed from the mama to early. The first 8 weeks are very important, it is the time that the mother and father to teach the puppy the do's and don'ts.
  3. Next, how does the parents react to visitors. Being protective is normal, but they should be very inviting after introduced. Cocker Spaniels are great door bells, but they love people and thrive for their attention. The parents temperment is an indicator on how your puppy will start out. Now it is very possible to change the behaviors of you new babies, but that is going to require more effort on you as a new puppy owner.
  4. Lastly, find a breeder close enough to go visit the puppies. If they let you visit the puppy during the first 8 weeks, it would benifit you and your soon to be newest family member.

Sorry, I do not ship my babies because I really believe that this would be very tramatic for the babies to be put through at such a young age. You should be able to find a good breeder close enough to travel to.

Finding the Perfect Puppy!

Finding the perfect puppy is easy after you have researched the topics above. It is also the fun part. Going out to visit, and play with the puppies. This could actually be the hardest part, being that you might want to take them all home (lol). You will find, that they all will love on you, look for love, and attention from you. Good Luck, and happy puppy finding!!!

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Different Color Cocker Spaniels


Buff/White Parti


Red/White Parti


Brown/White Parti


Black/White Parti

Black and Tan

Blue Merle

Blue/White Parti Merle


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